shrtcode API Documentation

API Base

All API Methods support GET and POST Requests.


This API doesn't require any Authentication.

Rate Limits

The number of request is limited to 1 requests per second, per IP address.

Terms of use

By using our API you agree to our terms of service. The API is based on a fair-use policy.


All unsuccessful API calls return an error message along with an error_code. See the table below to learn more about the meaning of each error_code:

error_code Error
1 No URL specified ("url" parameter is empty)
2 Invalid URL submitted
3 Rate limit reached. Wait a second and try again
4 IP-Address has been blocked because of violating our terms of service
5 shrtcode code (slug) already taken/in use
6 Unknown error
7 No code specified ("code" parameter is empty)
8 Invalid code submitted (code not found/there is no such short-link)
9 Missing required parameters
10 Trying to shorten a disallowed Link. More information on disallowed links

Shortening a Link


Create a short link for a given URL. Requires a `url` parameter.




{ "ok": true, "result": { "code": "KCveN", "short_link": "", "full_short_link": "", "short_link2": "", "full_short_link2": "", "share_link": "", "full_share_link": "", "original_link": "" }}

Getting information on a Link


Get the long link of a shortened link and much more. Requires a `code` parameter containing a shrtcode code. The code is the last part of a short link. Example short link: -> Code: "example"




{ "ok": true, "result": { "code": "example", "url": "", "password_protected": false, "blocked": false, "created": "2018-05-17 16:46:29" }}


If you need help using this API, have feature request or want to have extended functionality (e.g. custom domains and/or custom short-links), feel free to contact us via email: